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“Sure, sure, love to have you.  Maybe just…try not to snort wine all over the cards this time?”

Zombie Circus Goats is the strategic new card game for weird (best) friends. 

✅  Get Paid in Body Parts.

✅  Cast Weird Spells at Your Friends.

✅  Make Felicia Fetch You a Drink.



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What are people saying?

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Who is this game for?

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A smattering of our strange cards.

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Play ZCG for 1-3 howling, shrieking, crying, backstabbing hours of weird fun.

✅  Shout in Bad Accents.

✅  Howl like a Tiny Sasquatch.

✅  Send Escalating Text Messages.

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👉  The base game is for 2-4 players ages 12 & up.

👉   ZCG 3000:  The Everything Box is for 2-6 players.  It contains everything in the base game, plus all 4 Expansion Packs (including 54 more family-safe-ish cards and all 26 of our horrible NSFW cards), the Zombie Pizza! token, and a hidden secret.

👉  If your crew is exclusively into quiet Euro games, ZCG is not for you.  It will make you weep bitter tears.


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Zombie Circus Goats:  An absurd and interactive game for an evening of snort-wine-out-your-nose fun.


OR, horse teeth.