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The info on Zombie Circus Goats & the odd team behind it.

zombie circus goats goblin prophet card

👉  Cards to unboring your night.

They say a video is worth a billion hieroglyphs…

Contains Robotic Bees.  Plus Tiny Sasquatch.  Allegedly we make fun of Canada.

And if that’s not enough goat for you, here’s…

8 Things to Know about Zombie Circus Goats.

I. Intro.

Zombie Circus Goats is the super strategic zombie party card game with Weregartners, Ma’ampires, and Hellephants.
    • Imagine a goaty blend of Cards Against Humanity (but w/ more color), Settlers of Catan (but w/ less setup), & Exploding Kittens (but w/ more actual strategy).
    • 432% more actual strategy.  For only 6% more bra-a-a-a-ains!

zombie circus goats bill and twins

    • The basic deal about ZCG:  Crazy fun for casuals, interactive for friends, strategy for gamers.
    • Approved for use by 2-6 live humans.
    • 30-90 minutes adjustable playtime.
    • Everyone plays ’til the end, even Felicia.

II. What does the game look like?

zombie circus goats b

zombie circus goats lid flap

zombie circus goats inner lid

zombie circus goats decks and dice

zombie circus goats filthy lucre

III.  Who are you?

We’re Dubious Merit Games.  Read about us here.

We’re the team that staged the West Coast Scavenger Hunt.  See the full report.

zombie circus goats west coast scavenger hunt

IV.  A Smattering of Our Strange Cards.

zombie circus goats cerberus card

zombie circus goats black knight card

zombie circus goats buster bronx card

zombie circus goats lucy lambkin card

zombie circus goats undead rabbit party card

zombie circus goats two headed boy card

V.  Filthy Lucre.

zombie circus goats how to play 4

Filthy Lucre is the currency in Zombie Circus Goats.  You earn it by showing your Troupe, and by keeping an eye on the Filthy Lucre dice when other players roll them.

    • Use Filthy Lucre to buy Carnival cards.
    • Use Filthy Lucre to pay casting costs.
    • Trade Filthy Lucre with your “friends.”

VI.  Filthy Lucre Dice.

    • Roll the dice during your turn to show your Troupe.  When the symbols on the dice match the symbols on your Talent cards, take Filthy Lucre from the Bank.
    • Pay attention when your opponents roll the dice.  When you match 1 or more symbols, take up to 1 Filthy Lucre from the Bank.

VII.  How to Win.

zombie circus goats how to play 3


zombie circus goats how to play 5


zombie circus goats how to play 6

VIII.  Kickstarting May 5th!

✅  Get Paid in Body Parts.

✅  Cast Weird Spells at Your Friends.

✅  Make Felicia Fetch You a Drink.


Tap the Goat.  See weird stuff.zombie circus goats kickstarter may 5th

Note:  Our semi-secret expansion pack, Zombies Invade the Moon, will be sent out free for 24 hours to those who support our Kickstarter on Day 1.

👉  To get yours, preview our campaign and click Notify me on launch.

OR, horse teeth.