Welcome to the Goat

A backstage pass to the game, for friends of the bleating undead.

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Here’s what we cover:
  • Intro.
  • Species, card types, & card images.
  • Filthy Lucre cards & Filthy Lucre dice.
  • How to Win.
  • Expansion packs:  Family-friendly & NSFW.
  • Submit your NSFW card ideas, vote on community submissions.
  • Card stock, printing, box, & packaging.
  • Our semi-secret expansion pack, Zombies Invade the Moon, will be sent out free for 24 hours, to those who support our Kickstarter on Day 1.
  • To get yours, preview our weird campaign and tap Notify me on launch.

I. Intro

Zombie Circus Goats is the super strategic zombie party card game with Weregartners, Ma’ampires, and Hellephants.
  • Imagine a goaty blend of Cards Against Humanity, Settlers of Catan, Exploding Kittens.
  • 432% more strategy.  For only 6% more bra-a-a-a-ains!

zombie circus goats bill and twins

  • Crazy fun for casuals, interactive strategy for gamers.
  • Approved for use by 2-6 live humans, ages 12 and up.
  • 30-60 minute playtime.
  • Everyone plays ’til the end, even Felicia.
Watch this video for a 3 minute intro to the game.

Contains Robotic Bees.  Plus Tiny Sasquatch.  Allegedly we make fun of Canada.

II. Species and Card Types

The Main Deck.

The Main Deck is made up of Talent Cards

Zombie Circus Goats.  A motley herd of adorable undead goats.

Ma’ampires.  Yes Ma’am!  Right away Ma’am!

Hellephants.  Elephant badasses.

Weregartners.  Ack!  Prepubescent werewolves!

  • Many Talent cards have “enters play” abilities.  These trigger strategic effects, but only at the time they enter play.
  • Your played Talent cards become your Circus Troupe.  You may have up to 5 Talent cards in play at one time.  If you play a 6th, choose one to sacrifice.
  • You collect resources, called Filthy Lucre, by “showing” your Circus Troupe.  (More on this in Filthy Lucre section below.)

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The Carnival Deck.

The Carnival Deck is a reward deck, made up of 4 card types:

Pardon Moi.  These are instants.  Play at any time, discard after use.

Talent: Freak Show.  A special Talent species.  The only Talent who pay out in Gold!

Event.  Like an all-play.  When you draw an Event card, immediately reveal it to the group.  Then follow the instructions on the card.  After the Event has resolved, draw another Carnival card.

Prop.  Props are permanents, and stay with you until stolen or destroyed.  You may play up to one Prop card each turn.  Props grant strategic advantages like better trades with the Bank, or the ability to protect your Troupe.

  • During your turn, you may spend any 2 Filthy Lucre cards of different types to buy a Carnival card.
  • You may buy as many Carnival cards as you can afford.
  • Most Carnival cards have casting costs, shown in their upper right hand corner.  This is the Filthy Lucre cost you must pay to play that card.
  • Carnival cards have strategic effects that allow you to protect yourself, wreak havoc, yoink your friends’ zombies, and make the competition Dance Monkey Dance.

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III.  Filthy Lucre Cards

Filthy Lucre is the currency in Zombie Circus Goats.  You earn it by showing your Troupe, and by keeping a hawk eye on the Filthy Lucre dice when other players roll them.

  • Use Filthy Lucre to buy Carnival cards.
  • Use Filthy Lucre to pay casting costs.
  • Trade Filthy Lucre with your “friends.”
  • Gold trades 2:1 at the Bank.  Other Filthy Lucre trades 4:1.

zombie circus goats how to play 4

IV.  Filthy Lucre Dice

  • The base game includes 2 dice, full-color-printed with our Filthy Lucre symbols.
  • Roll the dice once during your turn to show your Troupe.  When 1 or more symbols on the dice match symbols on your Talent cards, collect up to 2 Filthy Lucre from the Bank.
  • Pay attention when your opponents roll the dice.  When you match 1 or more symbols on opponents’ rolls, collect up to 1 Filthy Lucre from the Bank.

V.  How to Win

  • The essential tension of Zombie Circus Goats is that the cards you need to win (Goats) don’t provide what you need to dominate the game (Filthy Lucre.)
  • So, you’ll have to make strategic choices about when to prioritize resources, and when to build up your Troupe of undead Goats.
  • Players who approach 5-Goat territory will be blitzed by their former friends as by a herd of Cranky Wildebeests.

zombie circus goats how to play 6

VI.  Expansion Packs

Family-Friendly Expansion Packs.

Real World Consequences.  13 new cards to make your friends sweat, squeal, and squirm.  These are the ones to make your table hoot, holler, and Dance Monkey Dance.

+2 Players.  28 new game cards and 32 more Filthy Lucre cards allow for comfortable ZCG play with up to 6 live humans.

Zombies Invade the Moon.  13 semi-secret cards featuring ZCG characters kicking it in outer space with laserbeams and aliens.

For 24 hours, we’re sending out ZITM free, to those who support our Kickstarter on Day 1.

NSFW Expansion Packs.

  • Outrage your uncle.
  • Horrify your yoga teacher.
  • Offend your father-in-law.
  • All without saying a word.

NSFW 1:  The Offendening.  13 new cards to make you fume, blush, and question your life choices.

NSFW 2:  Fine, I’m Leaving.  13 more cards to electrocute your eyes and infect your night beyond repair.

VII.  Submit Your NSFW Card Ideas

  • If you’re over 18 with a twisted mind this is for you.
  • Vote on submissions and share your own.
  • 13 community-generated NSFW cards will go straight into the game.

VIII.  Card Stock, Printing, Box, & Packaging

IX.  Kickstarting May 5th

Our semi-secret expansion pack, Zombies Invade the Moon, will be sent out free for 24 hours, to those who support our Kickstarter on Day 1.

To get yours, preview our weird campaign and tap Notify me on launch.


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