These luminescent legends

PLEDGED AT OVER-THE-TOP LEVELS to help warp Zombie Circus Goats through hyperspace and into regular space.

👉  As a result, they will be punished by having their name or phrase emblazoned on a special card.


1.  Willow Wilson.

2.  The Smiths from Toronto.  “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.”

3.  Justin Fox.  (B. T.)



*We have no idea if they actually have gorilla arms.  It seems like a reasonable guess.


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👉  The strategic new card game about everyone’s favorite things:  Zombies, Goats, and Shouting.

👉  Build your troupe.  Steal your friends’ Goats.  Howl in victory!

Tap the Goat.  See weird stuff.

zombie circus goats 100% funded on kickstarter

✅  Get Paid in Body Parts.

✅  Shout in Bad Accents.

✅  Cast Weird Spells at Your Friends.

✅  Make Felicia Fetch You a Drink.

👉  Rebuild game night.  You have the technology.

👉  Get the Goat.

OR, horse teeth.