An Adaptation Guide.

This guide is for use in the case of hostile aliens. 
Friendly aliens would likely just attend a few U.N. meetings, then have our leaders announce whatever the new policies are, such as curfews and compliance chips.
Whereas hostile aliens would almost certainly park their spaceships in the sky for a few weeks with zero contact, just to see how we roll.  Also, to ratchet up the tension.  Hostile aliens are huge into tension.
After that, they would move into the hostilities stage, the first step of which is to knock out communications.
We’ve compiled a simple flow chart to help you adjust to life, post communications. 1


  • Search engine  –>  Book

  • Cell phone  –>  Smoke signal

  • Online shopping  –>  Barter with neighbor

  • eSports  –>  Table top games

  • Twitch  –>  Table top games

  • Online poker  –>  Poker

  • Doordash  –>  Beans from can

  • Instagram  –>  Subsistence gardening

  • Video games  –>  Table top games

  • Vegas gambling  –>  Vegas gambling

  • IRL sports  –>  Competition for actual resources, e.g., raid neighbor’s subsistence garden

It will probably not surprise you to note that Vegas gambling is one of the few entertainments to survive the transition.  Vegas gambling has been around for millions of years, and is equipped to endure catastrophic planetary events.  But for the rest of them, it’s pretty much down to table top games.
Because table top games and beans from the can will form the cornerstone of the new economy, we suggest investing heavily in both resources before aliens land.  Prudent families are currently stockpiling.  It is not unreasonable to fill the two largest rooms in your survival shelter with these commodities. 2
This concludes the training If Aliens Land.  We hope you found it useful.


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  1. Please note that the internet is a form of communications.  Some folks are surprised to learn this.
  2. Given that most of your time in the new economy will be spent in tight underground quarters playing table top games, it is regrettable that your main food source will be beans from the can.  But our job here is to educate, not to sugarcoat things.