Dubious Merit Games

Dubious Merit Games is a small company hidden deep in the forests of Oregon.

zombie circus goats alec and taylor


Hi.  I’m Alec, our game designer.  I appreciate frequent meal times and my diet consists mainly of hay.

And this is Taylor, our illustrator.  She’s a collector of extremely large spoons and may in fact be a 14-eyed space alien.  (She is usually better at hiding her eyes.)

Though unrelated, we share the same last name and, allegedly, 99.9% of the same DNA.  (Less if Taylor is a space alien.)

Dubious Merit Games Humans

Ringo, our shipping manager, is not pictured.  But he gets the most fan-mail.  We attribute this to his Kiwi accent.  Everything he says sounds chipper and agreeable.

When not fending off bears and whittling stuff out of logs, our small team of frog-hunting-and-releasing experts, specially-trained Ecuadoran mountain llamas, and ornery Pocket Giants invents games of astonishing quality for you and your ridiculous friends.

If these are some things that you are into…

zombie circus goats cerberus card

zombie circus goats undead rabbit party card

zombie circus goats buster bronx card

zombie circus goats black knight card

zombie circus goats bearded man card

zombie circus goats black francis card

zombie circus goats queen of the scene card

…then please check out our game.

👉  We made it for our weird crew.

👉  But we think yours will like it too.


zombie circus goats weird friends good times


✅  Get Paid in Body Parts.

✅  Shout in Bad Accents.

✅  Cast Weird Spells at Your Friends.

✅  Make Felicia Fetch You a Drink.

👉  Rebuild game night.  You have the technology.

👉  Get the Goat.

OR, horse teeth.