All tentacles are on deck for Zombie Circus Goats’ Kickstarter campaign.

Note:  Our semi-secret expansion pack, Zombies Invade the Moon, will be sent out free for 24 hours, to those who support our Kickstarter on Day 1.

👉  To get yours, preview our weird campaign and tap Notify me on launch.

OR, horse teeth.

zombie circus goats arrogant octopus card
Please help us spread our game to kitchen tables, vans down by the river, and tents under the stars everywhere.  (Under the clouds if you live in Canada.)

zombie circus goats tent stars
zombie circus goats tent canada

We’re bonkers excited about Zombie Circus Goats and we think you will be too.  The cards are odd, the artwork is peculiar, and the game itself is full of surprises.

zombie circus goats goblin prophet card

ZCG will be available to Kickstarter supporters first.  After our campaign is complete, enemies and anemones can get it.

zombie circus goats lid flap


Tap the Goat.  See weird stuff.zombie circus goats kickstarter may 5th