Hello Interesting Person

Contains Robotic Bees.  Plus Tiny Sasquatch.  Allegedly we make fun of Canada.


✅  Get Paid in Body Parts.

✅  Cast Weird Spells at Your Friends.

✅  Make Felicia Fetch You a Drink.


Tap the Goat.  See weird stuff.zombie circus goats kickstarter may 5th

Note:  Our semi-secret expansion pack, Zombies Invade the Moon, will be sent out free for 24 hours to those who support our Kickstarter on Day 1.

👉  To get yours, preview our campaign and click Notify me on launch.

OR, horse teeth.

Zombie Circus Goats is the super strategic zombie party card game approved for use by 2-6 live humans.

zombie circus goats moira and soira card

Watched the VIDEO, but still searching for ways to decrease productivity?  Here is a list of things to do on our website:

* LEARN to Defeat a Grizzly Bear in Close Quarters Combat.
* SEE How the Game is Played.
* REVIEW Rewards Too Hot for Kickstarter.
* STOP Hungry Roommates From Stealing Your Pork Chops.