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Contains Robotic Bees.  Plus Tiny Sasquatch.  Allegedly we make fun of Canada.


Assemble your troupe.  Collect your Filthy Lucre.  Yoink zombies from your friends.

Zombie Circus Goats is the super strategic zombie party card game approved for use by 2-6 live humans ages 12 & up.

zombie circus goats tiny sasquatch card

Watched the VIDEO, but still searching for ways to decrease productivity?  Here is a list of things to do on our website:

* LEARN to Defeat a Grizzly Bear in Close Quarters Combat.
* SEE How the Game is Played.
* REVIEW Rewards Too Hot for Kickstarter.
* STOP Hungry Roommates From Stealing Your Pork Chops.


Tap the Goat.  See weird stuff:zombie circus goats kickstarter may 5th